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What We Do?

We are a serious company and we are committed to you and our high interest is to satisfy your stay with us at all times. Because that is our commitment to you

Papagayo Fishing

Fishing Charters

We do fishing trips every day from 7:30am.

Surfing Roca Bruja

Surfing Trips

We do surf trips to Witchi's Rock & Ollie's Point


Snorkling Tours

Snorkling trip and Sunset tour around Papagayo

Our Fleet from Guanacaste Sport Fishing

Every boat is accommodated from 4px to 10 people, depends of the boat. The price that you see a side of the boat, is for the quantity of people of the boat that you choose. We charge for boat, not for person.

Papagayo Fishing- Bahamas boat


This is a MAKO 26ft. And powered by 150hp. YAMAHA, it is conditioned with electronic equipament: vhf radio, deep finder and GPS. It is big enough for 4 people. It has restoom onboard.

Full day - 8hrs.$600

3/4 day - 6hrs$500

Half day - 4hrs$425
Guanacaste Sport Fishing Costa Rica-Dream Fishing boat


This is a Pacific 29ft. boat. accommodate 4 people. This boat is powered by one out board 225hp. Yamaha. Toilet, fishfinder and GPS, VHS radio.

Full day - 8hrs.$750

3/4 day - 6hrs$650

Half day - 4hrs$500
Tuna Fish boat Guanacaste Fishing

TUNAFISH 31ft. boat. Deep sea fishing and inshorefishing.

Custom build, the TUNA FISH boat 31 ft. powered by 450hp Cummins is big enough for 4 people. The boat has restoom onboard. Include all fishing equipment.

Full day - 8hrs.$900

3/4 day - 6hrs$800

Half day - 4hrs$700
Guanacaste Sport Fishing Costa Rica

BARNACLE 36ft. boat. Deep sea fishing and inshorefishing.

This is an Ocean yatch, 36ft long and powered by twin Detroit engines. A spacious salon with air conditioning will accommodate up to 6 people.

Full day - 8hrs.$1,650

3/4 day - 6hrs$1,550

Half day - 4hrs$1,300
Guanacaste Sport Fishing Costa Rica

BRINDISI TOO 50ft. boat. Deep sea fishing and inshorefishing.

It is a 50ft Bertram, saloon with a/c, cabin, bathroom,kitchen, head, Fly bridge and outfitted with tournament quality gear (shimano-Penn) and state ?of the art electronics to take you to the fish in first class.

Full day - 8hrs.$2,350

3/4 day - 6hrs$2,000

Half day - 4hrs$1,750
Guanacaste Sport Fishing Costa Rica

JACKPOT 55ft. boat. Deep sea fishing and inshorefishing.

This is the larger boat we have for charter, an Ocean 55ft that feature air conditioning and can accommodate a party up to 10 people. This boat is powered by twin 750hp Detroit and a there is a complete bathroom on board

Full day - 8hrs.$3,200

3/4 day - 6hrs$2,600

Half day - 4hrs$1,850
Guanacaste Sport Fishing Costa Rica

MAMACITA RICA 50ft. boat. Deep sea fishing and inshorefishing.

This is a Ocean model 98 48ft. powerede by twin brand new cummins 600hp. 3 bed rooms 2 bath rooms, very confortable and big enough for 10px. It is equiped with full electronics. This luxury sport fishing boat will hold up to 6 fishermen. Penn International top quality.

Full day - 8hrs.$2,950

3/4 day - 6hrs$2,500

Half day - 4hrs$1,950
Guanacaste Sport Fishing Costa Rica-Brindisi 37-boat

BRINDISI-37 boat. Deep sea fishing and inshorefishing.

The Brindisi, it is 37 ft. Chris Craft, has cabin, bathroom, tournament quality gear (Shimano-Penn), the finest fishing gear and state of the art electronics to take you to the fish in first class.

Full day - 8hrs.$1,600

3/4 day - 6hrs$1,450

Half day - 4hrs$1,250
Papagayo Sport Fishing Costa Rica

T - BOAT 45ft. boat. Deep sea fishing and inshorefishing.

It is a 45-foot Hatteras is powered by twin turbo diesel 450hp Detroits engine. Open soprt fishing boat. and big enough for 6 people.

Full day - 8hrs.$2,000

3/4 day - 6hrs$1,850

Half day - 4hrs$1,450
Papagayo Sport Fishing Costa Rica

CHILA - G. 33ft. boat. Deep sea fishing and inshorefishing.

Full day - 8hrs.$900

3/4 day - 6hrs$800

Half day - 4hrs$700

Custom build, 33ft, powered by 425hp Cummins. The boat has restoom aboard. Include all fishing equipment (Shimano and Penn International tackle, GPS, fishfinder).

Papagayo Sport Fishing Costa Rica

KILEY 30ft. boat

Full day - 8hrs.1,050

3/4 day - 6hrs$950

Half day - 4hrs$800

The Kiley boat is a 30ft. It's a Classic fishing boat powered by twin 240hp Cummins. This boat can accommodate 4 people comfortable.

Papagayo Sport Fishing

Mi Suenio Angel 38ft. boat. Deep sea fishing and inshorefishing.

Full day - 8hrs.2,150

3/4 day - 6hrs$1,850

Half day - 4hrs$1,600

Mi Sueino Angel, boat Luxury sport fishing boat 38ft. Bertram convertible. It features a fully air-conditioned cabin with double state rooms with bath/shower. Additionally, we now feature professional fishing gear for the true angler.

  • Guanacaste Fishing-Bahamas boat

    BAHAMAS boat 26ft.

  • Guanacaste Fishing-Dream Fishing-boat

    DREAM FISHING 29ft. boat

  • Tunafish Guanacaste Fishing boats

    TUNAFISH 31ft. boat

  • Barnacle boat-Papagayo Fishing

    BARNACLE 36ft. boat

  • Guanacaste Fishing-Brindisi - too boat

    BRINDISI-TOO 50ft. boat

  • Guanacaste Fishing-JackPot-boat

    JACKPOT 55ft boat

  • Guanacaste Fishing-Mamacita Rica boat

    MAMACITA RICA 50 ft. boat

  • Guanacaste Fishing-Brindisi 37- boat

    BRINDISI 37-boat

  •  Guanacaste Fishing

    T - Boat 45ft.

  •  Guanacaste Fishing

    LA CHILA - G. 33ft. boat

  • Guanacaste Fishing

    KILEY 30ft. boat

  •  Guanacaste Fishing

    Mi Suenio Angel 38ft. boat

Papagayo Fishing Charters

We are located in the community of Playas del Coco, in Papagayo Gulf, Guanacaste, North East area from Costa Rica. Our customer service is all year, all week, 24 hours a day. It is our goal and interest that our customers are satisfied with our service. In addition we take care to fix any transport to the boat from the hotel that you will be staying, no matter if it is in the city or mountains as well as of course in beach hotels, for which we use our boats. Just contact with us and we will be providing all necessary information regarding fishing, boats and prices as soon as possible.

Papagayo Sailfishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea Fishing, from 7:30am till 3:30pm

Caught throughout the year, May through August is normally the top season. Perhaps the most acrobatic of all blue water fish, the sailfish has engraved Costa Rica on every international angler's wish list. This is fish is catch and release. On this fishing charter, you got a depth ranging from 200 to 700 feet, where the temperature water and visibility are perfect for this type of fishing.

Guanacaste Roosterfishing

Inshore Fishing

Inshore Fishing, from 7:30am till noon

Available all year, there are more caught in the Papagayo Gulf area with not so clear water. The roosters like the structure of the shoreline and islands where they're found in 20 to 60 ft. It's an inshore species often found in the rocks and beaches. The possibilities will the same for roosterfishing and other, our destination is along the shore line in Papagayo, where can fish with high potential for mahi, rooster fish, snapper, amberjack, hamberjack.

Guanacaste Fishing

Our Guanacaste Sport Fishing

Guanacaste Fishing

This species occurs usually in times of winter between the months of May to November, this is not a territorial fish and kept in large schools, they like to be near the garbage that is floating and is carried by ocean currents.


We are located in the community of Playas del Coco, 30 minutes from Liberia International Airport, this is a community of friendly people and we like dealing with tourists, El Coco or Coco Beach is a small community in Gulf of Papagayo and it is the most popular citadel around, these people have always lived from fishing, hunting as snapper and dorado. With respect to our business, it is a practice of our family for about 20 years. We are a large family of 12 brother whom we are 7 men who are dedicated to tourism. We started as local commercial fishermen fishing for many years, with the advent of tourism, also working first in sport fishing tourism. We are fishermen who have harvested the resources of foreign tourism to give rise to a new way of life through sustainable development.

Our Advantages

  • We are boats owners.

  • We've been fishing many years around this gulf.

  • Spoken English - We're very friendly.

  • More than 20 years experience.

Shared Charters

Need to find a fishing partner for your trip? and want to cut down on cost?. If you wish to be added in a list of people waiting to share a charter or need help coordinating a group trip, please...

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Any inquiries, please contact us and we will respond within 4 hours.


What Client Say?

These are some testimonials from our clients who visited Guanacaste Sport Fishing

Our group of 10 went out for a full day trip in the Brindisi Too with Captain Biagio and two mates. I fish charters a lot, but never before in Costa Rica. Normally I am getting my boats and captains by referral, but this trip was all done on with the Internet and with the help of the Papagayo contact...

Guanacaste Fishing jmpaule Client

A friend recommended PAPAGAYO and we were so happy with the suggestion! Great time, great crew and even caught fish A first for me! Water was smooth and warm and the whole experience was fantastic! Staff unbelievable so nice... I would highly recommend PAPAGAYO!

Papagayo Fishing Charters Kathy K. Client

Jose Mendez and his 2 sons picked us up on the beach in front of our motel (Riu Palace). We trolled across the bay and caught several Bonitos. I caught a 51" Dorado that they cleaned for me and I had one of the chefs at the motel prepare it for us for dinner. What a fight ! What a...

Guanacaste Fishing Costa Rica Thomas M. Client

We will pick you up from these hotel in the area of Papagayo Gulf

Four Seasons
Grand Papagayo
Andaz Papagayo
Secrets Papagayo
El Mangroove CR.
Dreams Las Mareas
Riu Guanacaste
Westin Conchal CR.


Our fishing season, is generally all year around.

Papagayo Sailfishing

Fishing for Sailfish and Marlin

Deep sea Fishing, from 7:30am till 3:30pm

Sailfish season is usually throughout the year, with the exception of the months of May to November, the arrival of Sailfish Gulf of Papagayo in search of food are given in abundance in the shallow waters.

Guanacaste Roosterfishing

Baitcasting for Tunas

Inshore Fishing, from 7:30am till noon

Some months of the year, is possible to catch yellowfin tunas in shallow water around the gulf, but this type of fishing occurs in waters up to 500 feet deep.

Guanacaste Fishing

Guanacaste Sport Fishing Season

Guanacaste Fishing Seasons

Our fishing season is all year around. On winter time, from May to Nov. 6 months like smooth conditions, and regulars condition from Dic. till May.




Mail us, or call us. We will reply in the next 2 hours, or. As soon as be possible.

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